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Slate of Chapter Officers Installed for 2019-2020 Fiscal Year at “Virtual” Ceremony


The adverse effects of the coronavirus failed to prevent the FMS NY/NJ Chapter from passing the torch of leadership without disrupting the Chapter’s ongoing mission of providing quality education, community support and social interaction for the community banking industry. Although the Chapter’s rich tradition of holding a gala installation ceremony featuring a magnificent cocktail reception and gourmet full-course dinner was not possible, the Chapter conducted a “virtual” installation ceremony to install the Chapter’s slate of Officers through an online video conference hosted by Immediate Past President Salvatore Zerilli. The ceremony was held on Thursday May 28, 2019.

Invited guests, Chapter Past Presidents, dignitaries, and incoming Officers “logged in” for an online social reception prior to the “formal” program. Everyone shared relaxing camaraderie without the traditional formal dress, impressive array of appetizers and exotic cocktail reception typical of the Chapter’s installation dinner experience.

Adriano Duarte, incumbent Chapter President, welcomed everyone and thanked all for attending. He especially thanked each of the incumbent Officers for their assistance during these unusual times. Adriano assured the incoming President that she will have the unconditional support of the incoming Officers to meet the challenges during her tenure. He then reviewed the Chapter’s successful events during his term with special attention to the 2019 East Coast Regional Conference held in early September. Adriano noted his disappointment in the need to postpone the Chapter’s very popular Casino Night event which has been rescheduled for this upcoming September.

Chapter Past President Maureen Kalena offered a solemn invocation with condolences to those who have lost their lives to the coronavirus. Maureen provided heartfelt gratitude to the many frontline health workers that have braved the risk to their lives to save so many others. She concluded by wishing the incoming slate of Officers the foresight to guide the Chapter through the challenges ahead.

Adriano Duarte introduced Bill Wald, President and CEO of FMS National. Bill provided a brief update regarding the recent efforts of FMS National and reinforced the National Chapter’s commitment to meeting the industry’s education needs despite the effects of Covid-19. He expressed his confidence that the upcoming FMS Forum will still offer a very informative program despite being limited to an online format.

Bill Wald then proceeded to install the following Chapter Officers for the 2019-2020 fiscal year:


Francesca Sgambellone
Vice President - Treasurer/Operations Manager
Schuyler Savings Bank


Angelo DiCaro
Senior Vice President
Samuel A. Ramirez & Co.


Vice President

Suny Mellawa
Vice President and Controller
Bogota Savings Bank

Following the recital of the oath of office, the incoming slate of Officers received warm congratulations from the “virtual” audience.

Bill proceeded to install the Chapter President for the upcoming year:


Amy Wheatley
Senior Vice President
Multi-Bank Securities

Tim Peacock, Senior Vice President, Multi-Bank Securities then offered a toast to honor Amy’s installation as Chapter President. As an FMS Member for more than 15 years, Tim noted that he was very honored to experience Amy’s installation. Tim remarked that Amy has demonstrated the focus and determination necessary to succeed in her role. He also stressed that Amy is committed to the success of the Chapter’s mission and is confident of her ability to manage any crisis.

Amy Wheatley followed with her first address as Chapter President. She first thanked all of those who made her FMS opportunity possible. Amy called out Chapter Past President Steve Fusco as the one who first introduced her to FMS. She specifically thanked recent Past Presidents Maureen Kalena, Tal Scheer, Steve Feehan, Sal Zerilli, Adriano Duarte, Cindi Rand and Grace Cruz-Beyer for their support and making her opportunity as FMS President possible. Amy stressed that the new year will be challenging and she is confident that working together with her fellow Officers, the Chapter will continue to succeed. She noted “The mission will not change, only the method!” Amy concluded by thanking her family for their support and asking for God’s blessing for continued success.

Video Gallery

Installation Event Social Reception

Invocation - Maureen Kalena

Installation of Chapter President - Bill Wald

Chapter President's Speech - Amy Wheatley

Incumbent President's Speech - Adriano Duarte

Installation of Officers - Bill Wald

Chapter President's Toast - Tim Peacock

Installation Event Closing "Ceremony"

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